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Builders can use our lowest height Super Star range of high efficiency gas ducted heaters that fit into the narrow roof spaces where other brands do not fit. The central cooling done by our very popular brand, Aqua Breeze range of full fresh air evaporative air-conditioners is very economical to run and handles the hot summer days very well.


Retailers can now sell Eco Pacific brands of very compact mid efficiency and high efficiency Super Star range of gas ducted heaters, Aqua Breeze evaporative air coolers, and AussiVent Fresh filtered Air heat recovery ventilators for residential markets. These are uniqure products proven to the market for a long time.


Need a reliable gas ducted heating and evap /ref cooling appliance that will not break down, and is backed up by a comprehensive warranty with fast turn around time for service ?, Give us a call, we will help you.

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"Working with Eco Pacific has been hassle free and truely a good experience. The workers came on time to do the fit offs and completed the job without any hassle."                 

- Michael
Melbourne, Vic


"Eco Pacific professionalism was fantastic and everything was done on time. The heating and cooling works perfectly and I am very happy with the work done".

- Steve


Since I started buying Eco Pacific units, its been one less problem for my work. The products work everytime they are used and my clients are very happy with them.

- Rex
Bundoora, Vic

Latest News


Eco Pacific is launching the most compact Mega Star range of high efficiency >6 Star, gas ducted heaters very soon.

We recently launched AussiVent, EcoVent, and FreshVent range of Fresh filtered air heat recovery ventilators in the international markets.

Last Updated: 18/01/2017