How Ducted Gas Heating Works

Ducted gas heating is a preferred form of heating and cooling systems for properties across Canberra and other areas of Australia. These systems are known for their energy efficiency, performance and cost effectiveness in comparison to other forms of heating and cooling systems. Though most property owners have often heard about ducted gas heating, they are still insure about how it exactly works.

Are you planning to add ducted heating to your property in Canberra? Well, it is surely a smart choice. But before purchasing ducted gas heating service, you must understand the mechanism behind this system.

How Ducted Gas Heating Works?

  • In a ducted gas heating system, there is a core central heating unit that produces hot air to different locations of the house.
  • This system also includes a thermostat for maintaining temperature, insulated ducts to transport hot air and vents to return air to the heater.
  • When cold air is passed over a heating unit, it gets warmed due to the presence of large gas furnace or reverse cycle conditioner. This air is then passed to the various areas of the home using heavily insulated ducts and distributed in the rooms using vents.
  • The vents for air distribution can be present in the ceiling or on the floor. Heating vents ensure even distribution of heat across the room.

Ducted Gas Heating in Canberra by EcoPacific

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