Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Melbourne

Ducted Refrigerated is widely known to be the Rolls Royce of heating and cooling. It is perfect to have if you live close to the beach, have a humid environment, have little roof Space or just like refrigerated cooling. It is two thirds more expensive to run compared to gas and evaporative cooling. With the ducted refrigerated systems you don't have to open windows, so no worries about safety at nights.

The down side to the refrigerated systems are that they are not environmentally friendly. Air conditioners use refrigerants to carry heat between the indoor and outdoor units. In the late 1970s, it was discovered that CFC and HCFC fluorocarbon gases, which were the most common refrigerants of that time, deplete the ozone layer if released into the atmosphere. Something to think about while purchasing your next heating and cooling system.

We can supply and install a variety of ducted refrigerated system to your liking.

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling Melbourne

Ducted refrigerated cooling in Melbourne is provided at the highest level of quality by Eco Pacific.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning is important of every household because the weather in Melbourne is so unpredictable and volatile. It is so easy to control the temperature of your room to what you desire through ducted refrigerated air conditioner.

When you are selecting split systems look for the following features.

There are many features with ducted ref systems. Different manufacturers add little extra options as selling points. Mainly check the running cost, and compare with the same KW rating. Make sure you use ducting rated to R1.5 to maximize your efficiency.

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