Heat Recovery Fresh Filtered Air Ventilator

This Eco Pacific innovation deals with stagnant dirty indoor air, which is increasingly becoming an issue in densely populated and polluted cities of India, China, Brazil, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many other fast developing countries.

The appliance filters outdoor air through a filter box mounted outside on a wall. The filter box is connected through a duct to the main ventilator cabinet fitted with a counter flow heat exchanger made of anti-rusting marine grade Aluminium alloy. The filter box is always mounted on any solid structure such as an outside wall, ceiling, in the roof space or on the roof- open to atmospheric air for fresh air intake. The heat exchanger transfers heat/cool of the expelled indoor air into the incoming fresh air due to temperature difference. With a heat/cool recovery effectiveness of up to 85% the ventilator delivers fresh filtered air at near room temperature in all seasons irrespective of outdoor temperature. The need of the heat/cool recovery assumes that the indoor space is air-conditioned by an existing heating cooling device, which often recycles the same indoor air within closed doors and windows. There is no active heating or cooling device fitted in this product, except a passive heat exchanger that exchanges sensible heat energy between the incoming and outgoing air streams. The ventilator in standard operation runs through a normal 240 V, 10 Amp switch, like a normal ceiling fan.


Optional: The ventilator is run by an optional wall controller fitted with sensors for sensing- CO2 level of the indoor air, any motion surrounding the wall controller, and outdoor air filter blockage. If the CO2 of the room goes to harmful levels and the ventilator was auto-shut, the sensor will automatically run the ventilator to provide fresh filtered air at near room temperature. If the filter is not blocked, the appliance runs to introduce fresh filtered atmospheric air in the living space at near room temperature, required for healthy living. In a classroom or board room situation the ventilator is automatically run by a PIR motion sensor fitted in the wall controller.

The existing standard heating cooling appliances fitted in the house often recycle the same bad air that most residents inhale and exhale. Inhaling the same re-cycled bad air, including the unhealthy emissions coming from kitchens and toilets, affects the residents to seriously compromise with their health. Constant exposure to bad air for a long time often leads to disorders of lungs, and can cause itching of throat and eyes, laziness, and poor concentration of mind. The present appliance addresses the indoor air quality issue just for these reasons.

The Fresh Air Ventilator with heat recovery is highly recommended for use in Cool Rooms, Residential Apartments, Health Clinics, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Aged Care Facilities, and Offices, just to name a few.

All enquiries related to this innovation should be addressed to Eco Pacific at Tel 061-3-9706 6228 or through email at sales@ecopacific.com.au
Controller for Aussi Vent and Fresh Vent
Controller for Aussi Vent and Fresh Vent

Optional Wall controller to control EcoVent unit
Optional Wall controller to control EcoVent unit

EcoVent       AussieVent

Models and their distinctions

There are three models but what is common in all the models is the process:  This fresh air ventilator is fitted with a heat exchanger in the middle of its cabinet and is combined with a filter box fitted outside in the open atmospheric air through a duct suitable to the installation site. The filter box remains accessible to the user for filter service and change. The filter box filters outdoor polluted air and introduces it in the living space passing through the heat exchanger which transfers heat or cool from the higher temperature stream to the lower temperature stream coming from opposite directions. The ventilator removes the dirty air of the room and throws it out through the heat exchanger that recovers heat or cool of the dirty indoor air and transfers it to the incoming fresh filtered air before the dirty indoor air is expelled out to outside atmosphere. The ventilator is able to deliver the fresh filtered air at near room temperature in all seasons irrespective of the outdoor air temperature.

The models are-

1. AussiVent- designed to provide fresh filtered air with heat recovery to homes. The models are- AV80, AV120, suitable from 2 bed room to 4 bed room apartments and houses with up to 10 people living in. 


2. EcoVent- designed to provide fresh filtered air with heat recovery to offices, schools, and hospitals. The models are-EV80, EV120 


3. FreshVent- designed to provide fresh filtered air with heat recovery to cool room/cold storages for Ethylene gas extraction and with condensate discharge. The models are- FV80, FV120 


Filter Box – is the same for all the models. The filter cassette can be customised to specific applications. As a standard the filter material is 10 mm polyester wool with arrestance of about 70%.

AV80, EV80, and FV80- all come with air flow of about 80 l/s at 100 Pa ESP

AV120, EV120, and FV120- all come with air flow of about 120 l/s at 100 Pa ESP


3 inch will go with FreshVent                                     6 inch will go with AussieVent and EcoVent

Note: The Filter Sensor is fitted in the standard switch to run AussiVent and FreshVent models, however the EcoVent is run by an Optional wall controller.

Optional: Wall controller is fitted with –

CO2 sensor-  to sense Carbon di-Oxide level in the room air to auto-activate the ventilator with low medium and high level indicators.

PIR sensor-   to sense any motion surrounding the wall controller to auto-activate the ventilator a may be required in schools, board rooms, hospitals, and Clinique etc.

Filter Sensor- to sense the filter at above 80% blockade, the LED on the wall controller will turn Red to instruct the user to clean the filter.