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Heat Recovery Fresh Filtered Air Ventilator

This Eco Pacific innovation deals with stagnant, dirty indoor air, which is becoming an issue in the densely populated and polluted cities of India, China, Brazil, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many other fast developing countries.

The appliance filters outdoor air through a filter box mounted on the wall. The filter box is connected through a duct to the main ventilator cabinet fitted with a counter flow heat exchanger made of anti-rusting marine grade aluminium alloy. The filter box is always mounted on any solid structure such as an outside wall, ceiling, in the roof space or on the roof, which is open to atmospheric air for fresh air intake. The heat exchanger transfers heat or cool from the expelled indoor air into the incoming fresh air due to the temperature difference.

With a heat/cool recovery effectiveness of up to 85%, the ventilator delivers fresh filtered air at near room temperature in all seasons, irrespective of outdoor temperature. The need for heat and cool recovery assumes that the indoor space is air-conditioned by an existing heating and cooling device, which often recycles the same indoor air within closed doors and windows. There is no active heating or cooling device fitted in this product, except a passive heat exchanger that exchanges sensible heat energy between the incoming and outgoing air streams. The ventilator in standard operation runs on a normal 240 V, 10 Amp switch, just like a normal ceiling fan.

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